The Payment & SMS Solutions Every Business In Africa Needs. 

Turning The World's Most Advanced Technologies Into Better Lives For All Africans.

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Oltranz Is Transferring World Class Technologies, To Transform Lives Across Africa.

Oltranz enables companies and organizations to successfully transition to the digital world.

Its products and services include E-Payments, infrastructure management, SMS & USSD, IOT and customized software, allowing to digitalize, manage, enhance and scale operations.




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Our Payment Solutions Are Here, To Change Everything — In An Instant.

Our deep, proven expertise in advanced mobile payments is not only priceless. It’s cashless.

For Merchants, mobile payments travel directly to your bank account.

All in real time. Which makes a real difference to your cash flow

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With Base Pay, the world’s most sophisticated payment systems are right in everyone’s pocket.

One single app, with endless payment capabilities. And when paying is this easy, so is buying — which is very good news for consumers and merchants alike!

Bulk SMS, Made Easy.

Finally an easy tool to send bulk SMS campaigns in a few minutes.

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Introducting BaseBot, aka BB! 

A USSD App on WhatsApp?


Send money to your friends or top-up your airtime on WhatsApp by chatting with BB. It's fun and easy!

MERCHANTS! Want to offer your clients to pay you on WhatsApp and get your own WhatsApp app? Get in touch with us and we'll help you reach your customers on their favorite channel.



Oltranz Software and Hardware Make Monitoring Your Fleet As Easy As 1, 2, 3.

With UDO IoT, Oltranz provides a set of solution designed for the Energy Industry.

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Imagine Knowing The Exact Level Of Fuel In Every Tank And Truck In Your Fleet.

Our comprehensive Tracking Solution provides a complete, 360º view of your entire park, flagging refills and outtakes, as well as identifying thefts, issues and bad driving habits.

So now, no matter where you are, you can be sure that your fleet, and your investment, are safe and secure.


Our army of sensors and PCBs gives you real-time tank levels.


Our IoT Case ensure 100% up-time with its many network capabilities, batteries, GPS and memory.


Our solution is available in the cloud. All data are displayed on your dashboard whether you're on mobile.

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Presenting A Remarkable Advance In Providing Africans With The World’s Most Precious Substance: Clean, Pure, Accessible Water.

It’s called Dina Water and it makes it far easier and safer for millions of Africans to access clean, pure drinking water.

Our European-made water purification units comply with NAFDAC and WHO certifications. The treatment and distribution is fully automated, with no chemicals or additives.

And because it’s easily accessible with an app or USSD, buying and filling is both cashless and effortless. Best of all, with Dina Water, lives across Africa will improve, one glassful of water at a time.

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HQ: Kacyiru, KG 5th Avenue P.O.BOX:191, Kigali, Rwanda.

USA - Belgium - Israel - Nigeria - Rwanda - Ukraine - India

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HQ: Kacyiru, KG 5th Avenue P.O.BOX:191, Kigali, Rwanda.





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