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Hand holding card as part of BaseBusiness solution to accept mobile payments in Rwanda
You Will Instantly Love The Fastest Way To Get Customer Payments.

Presenting BaseBusiness,

Mobile payments made from customers go directly into your bank account, instantly.
Easy for them, easy for you.
The way payments should be.



MTN logo of mobile money partner of Oltranz


With BaseBusiness, all our payment products are available through API or custom integration.

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Our SMS Gateway enables merchants to effortlessly send SMS, from both Telcos, straight from your app. Bulk SMS API is also available.

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Our strong USSD Gateway already proved its capabilities and reliability, by processing millions of transactions every year.

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Our Payment Gateway is composed of a mobile Gateway and bank Gateway, enabling safe, instant transfers between banks and telcos.

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Any User. Any Device. Any Network. Any Bank.

So any way you look at it, Oltranz end-to-end Gateways are the best. And only with Oltranz, all mobile money transfers to banks are made in real time. Wow!

Infographic of BaseBusiness solution to accept mobile payments in Rwanda
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All The Features You Want. BaseBusiness Makes Payments Much Easier, Right From The Start.

Setup in a snap!

It takes just minutes to fully integrate all BaseBusiness Gateways through APIs.

All kinds of payments, from
all customers and businesses.

Whether it’s Mobile Money or Bank Transfers, BaseBusiness will process it, instantly.

Immediately accept payments on Web, Android, USSD and QR. And soon on WhatsApp, POS and iOS.

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Man holding phone and card of BaseBusiness solution to accept mobile payments in Rwanda
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Web dashboard of BaseBusiness solution to accept mobile payments in Rwanda

Payment Analytics

You'll have a full 360 overview, and you'll like what you see. Our robust analytics lets you view every important aspect, from transactions to infrastructure. So you can make control and cost decisions sooner, instead of later.

Serious Support

Our support team is only a click away, to keep your sales going.

Which Telco? MTN or Airtel? Both!

Some customers use MTN, some use Airtel.
So BaseBusiness lets you collect mobile
money payments from both, with just one app.

No Internet Connection? No Problem!

Feature phones work perfectly with BaseBusiness,
so you can receive payments whether
there’s an internet connection or not.

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Smartphone picture using MTN and AIrtel as part of BaseBusiness solution to accept mobile payments in Rwanda
Featured phone using USSD as part of BaseBusiness solution to accept mobile payments in Rwanda


Instant Transactions vs. Lengthy Processes

With BaseBusiness, mobile money payments from customers are in your account in seconds.

So time-consuming recollection processes are gone. Forever.

Pay Us Only When You Get Paid

We don’t burden you with a flat fee. Instead, pay us only 2.5% per transaction.
Better for you, and your bottom line. And no more dealing with banks and telcos, all fees are included!

One Single App for MTN & Airtel. Easy!

We created BaseBusiness to fully integrate with both MTN and Airtel.
Which means one app, one integration, and one more reason to use BaseBusiness.

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Introducting BaseBot, aka BB! 

A USSD App on WhatsApp?


Send money to your friends or top-up your airtime on WhatsApp by chatting with BB. It's fun and easy!

MERCHANTS! Want to offer your clients to pay you on WhatsApp and get your own WhatsApp app? Get in touch with us and we'll help you reach your customers on their favorite channel.


Just Look At All We’ve Already Done, To See Why BaseBusiness Will Be So Successful For You.


Our USSD Is Already Being Used By The Government,

And A Gorilla.

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Millions of Rwandan citizens use the USSD app to easily, safely and conveniently pay for their driver’s license, healthcare, traffic fines
and other government services.

Irembo logo Oltranz partner for USSD and mobile money payments
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Thousands of Rwandans use BaseBusiness to pay for their Gas with VIVO ENERGY (former Engen) through our Bluetooth POS & Printers.

Vivo logo Oltranz partner for USSD and mobile money payments
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CRG USSD App doesn't play around. Every week, Gorilla Games uses their USSD app to process the thousands of bets and deposits for their legion of fans.

CRG logo Oltranz partner for USSD and mobile money payments
  • How can I order and pay for SMS?
    You can order SMS instantly on your dashboard once you’ve signed up. You can pay with Mobile Money (MTN & Airtel). After you’ve confirmed your payment, your SMS will be instantly credited to your account, and you can start sending SMS.
  • How can I add the contact information of the recipients?
    You can add the phone numbers of your contact list in two ways: 1. Enter manually each phone number in the dedicated box, and separe them by a coma “,”. For example: 0781234567, 0789876543, .... 2. Upload an excel file, containing all the phone numbers you want to send the message to. Ensure that all the phone numbers are located in “Column A” and that the rest of the file is empty.
  • Can I integrate the API for my own website or application?
    Of course! The API documentation is available here. Don't hesitate to send us a message if you have any question.


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HQ: Kacyiru, KG 5th Avenue P.O.BOX:191, Kigali, Rwanda.

Oltranz offices location - USA Belgium Nigeria Rwanda

USA - Belgium - Israel - Nigeria - Rwanda - Ukraine - India

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