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Bulk SMS

Made Easy.

An easy tool to send bulk SMS to all your contacts in Rwanda.

No programming skill required.





Get your first campaign on the way in 2 minutes!

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1. Signup

Register easily in a few clicks.

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2. Buy SMS

Purchase SMS easily with Mobile Money - MoMo or Airtel Money.

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3. Send Campaign

Enter recipients numbers, write your message and send!


Our Bulk SMS Solution Is Here, To Change Everything — In An Instant.

Easy SMS Purchase

Purchase SMS in a second, we accept mobile money payments!

Your SMS are then delivered instantly and you receive your invoice by email.

Why makes your life complicated when you we made Bulk SMS easy for you?

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Fast Campaign Creation

Enter the phones numbers of your recipients manually or upload them from an excel file if you have many.

You can then write your SMS message and customize the name of the sender.

You click "Send" and it's done. How can it get easier?

Amazing Technology

BaseSMS can scale quickly and process millions of SMS seamlessly.

BaseSMS can also be integrated through API.

And with your web control panel, you have a 360 view of all your messages.

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We use BaseSMS every day to SMS to our customers in Rwanda. It's very easy to use, even if you're not a developer, you can send campaigns in a few minutes. All SMS get delivered quickly without issues and it's easy to purchase them with mobile money. 
I can only recommend using BaseSMS if you need to send bulk SMS campaigns.

Innocent, CEO


How can I order and pay for SMS?

You can order SMS instantly on your dashboard once you’ve signed up. You can pay with Mobile Money (MTN & Airtel). After you’ve confirmed your payment, your SMS will be instantly credited to your account, and you can start sending SMS.

How can I add the contact information of the recipients?

You can add the phone numbers of your contact list in two ways:
1. Enter manually each phone number in the dedicated box, and separe them by a coma “,”. For example: 0781234567, 0789876543, ....
2. Upload an excel file, containing all the phone numbers you want to send the message to. Ensure that all the phone numbers are located in “Column A” and that the rest of the file is empty.

Can I integrate the API for my own website or application?

Of course! The API documentation is available here. Dont hesitate to send us a message or join or Slack channel if you have any question.

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HQ: Kacyiru, KG 5th Avenue P.O.BOX:191, Kigali, Rwanda.

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HQ: Kacyiru, KG 5th Avenue P.O.BOX:191, Kigali, Rwanda.





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