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How To Download Your SMS Invoice on BaseSMS

Hello there!

You made an SMS purchase on BaseSMS and wants to download your invoice? No issues, we got you covered!

First, login on your dashboard on

Then, head to the Purchase History tab as shown below:

Once on the purchase history, you can see all the SMS purchases you've made. Choose the relevant one, and click on the Invoice button on the right-side, as illustrated below:

Your invoice will appear on the screen. You will see it contains all the needed details:

  1. Your name or company name.

  2. Your phone number.

  3. Your email address.

  4. The date of the purchase.

  5. An invoice number.

  6. The details of the purchase: number of SMS, unit price, total price, VAT, etc.

To download it or print it, click on the Print option. You can then either choose your printer or the "Save As PDF" option if you just want to download it.

You're now all set to download invoices! If you still have a question, don't hesitate to contact us on or to open a ticket here!

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