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How To Send A Bulk SMS Campaign Directly From The Web In Rwanda

Hi there !

In this guide, we'll show you how to send a bulk SMS campaign in BaseSMS.

Step 1: Create a New Campaign

First, login into BaseSMS on by entering your username and password.

Once you are in the dashboard, go to Campaign & Then New Campaign as in the screenshot below.

Step 2: Enter Your Campaign Name & SMS Text

Choose a name for your campaign ("Support #1 in this example).

Step 3: Enter Your Numbers or Upload Your Excel

On BaseSMS, you can choose to either enter your phone numbers manually, by writing them in the field or by uploading an excel file containing all your contacts' phone numbers. Option A: Enter the phone numbers manually

Enter all your phone numbers in the field, in the "250" format and by separating them by a comma (","), as shown below:

Option B: Upload Your Contacts From An Excel File

On the right-side, click on Upload Excel and choose the file on your computer.

Attention! Your excel file should be formatted according to our guidelines! For more information, check-out our guide "How To Upload My Contacts From An Excel File"

Then the magic happens! All your numbers are now imported!

Step 4: Enter Your Text

Enter the text you want to send to your contacts. Note that 1 SMS can is composed of maximum 160 characters. If you write more than 160 characters, your message will count as multiple SMSs. Check the help text just below the Message field to see how many SMS your message is composed of.

Step 5: Send Your Campaign

That's it folks! Now you just have to press the Launch Campaign button and your campaign will be on its way!

Hope this guide was helpful to you, if you still have questions, dont hesitate to open a ticket or send us an email at

See you soon!

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