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4 Good Reasons Proving Why You Need SMS Marketing For Your Business In Africa

Whether you own a traditional brick & mortar business, or you launched a digital company, you need to communicate on a regular basis with your clients. Communication is key to increase engagement, and to grow your business.

On a continent where access to internet is growing but still relatively low, keeping in touch with your customers can be hard.

It's true: your customers might not have access to an email and they might not follow your facebook page. But one thing is sure: they have a mobile phone!

Counter-intuitively, in an era where we have access to many digital channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp, text messaging is becoming the best and most reliable way to communicate with customers. In this article I will explain why you need a bulk SMS tool to help grow your business.

Tip #1 - People Read SMS

One of the best perk of SMS marketing is the delivery rate and the open rate. When you send out a campaign, you are sure that all your recipients will receive it. For example, BaseSMS has a 99.99% delivery rate, which is very different from emails where you have high chances of your message ending up in the spam folder of your recipient.

Secondly, SMS enjoy the highest opening rate in the industry. A vast majority of people will open their SMS and read it, while most people just delete an email before even opening it when they see it's a promotional message.

Tip #2 - It Is So Easy

Sending a bulk SMS campaign is very easy. You just have to write a very short text (160 characters and upload your contacts. When you send campaigns on different channels, it requires a lot of work: designing visual creatives, write long texts, etc. On that aspect, BaseSMS has the best ROI you can imagine.

Tip #3 - You Can Track It

Whether you send-out a message to announce a new product, to share a promotion or a contest, you will be able to measure exactly the impact of your campaign.

If you invest in a billboard on the street, you don't know how many people have seen it, and how many people you actually converted.

With SMS, you can measure with precision the cost and the profit of your campaign: this is good marketing, when it's based on data.

On BaseSMS, we offer you detailed delivery reports of your campaigns.

Tip #4 - It Is On Point

With SMS marketing, no question of sending messages to people who do not care about your business. If you have taken your customers' phone numbers along the years, and you have now a nice list of phone numbers, you know they are interested by your business. It will make all your campaigns very effective.

Are You Convinced Now?

Bulk SMS Marketing is the most used marketing channel in Africa and it makes sense: it is simple, quick, reliable and cheap.

If you are still hesitant to get started with BaseSMS, feel free to contact us on and we'd be happy to run you through our solution!

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